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At AST Acoustics, we research, design and develop bespoke acoustic software systems for test laboratories, audiology specialists and military applications.


Our portfolio includes the development of software systems to facilitate the testing of:



Sound Field Audiometry:


BS EN ISO 8253-2:2009 - Audiometric test methods: Sound field audiometry with pure tone and narrow band test signals.



Hearing protectors:


BS EN 352 (parts 1 to 8) [including EN ISO 4869 & EN 24869-1:1992] -Hearing protectors - General requirements / safety requirements and testing. 


ANSI/ASA S12.6:2008 Methods for measuring the real-ear attenuation of hearing protectors. 


ANSI S13.9:1974 Methods for the measurement of real-ear protection of hearing protectors and physical attenuation of ear muffs. 


ANSI/ASA S12.42:2010 Methods for the measurement of insertion loss of hearing protection devices in continuous or impulsive noise using microphone-in-real-ear or acoustic test fixture procedures. 


AS/NZS 1270:2002 Acoustics - Hearing protectors.



BS EN 352 / ISO 4869 Test Software



Microphone-in-real-ear (MIRE) testing:


Bespoke software and hardware systems.



Bespoke test systems:


AST Acoustics offers a wide range of bespoke testing systems for many types of acoustic assessment, contact us for more information.

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